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teflon tape machine total view


DING CHUAN MACHINERY CO., LIMITED is the very first one to manufacture PTFE tape machine in China and owned many patents in this field. More than 500 production lines we manufactured running in good condition in the whole world. Not only could we provide you the complete production line, but also teach you the formula by our experts by holding your hand. We are the only one who could offer you the total project.

Last year we sold telfon tape machine more than 100 sets in our domestic market, almost every new manufacturer of PTFE tape chose our machine finally. Because not only our machine has the feature of high quality, but also high efficiency, which can help you save lots of cost. And everyone knows in PTFE tape area, cost is the most important issue.

We warmly welcome you come our factory to discuss the cooperation with us. And we will offer you total support in this project.


PTFE tape machine
PTFE tape machine
Thread seal tape machine
automatic film packing machine
Automatic film packing machine
injection molding machine
Injection molding machine
thread seal tape reel mould
Thread seal tape reel mould
teflon tape ptfe resin
PTFE tape PTFE resin
teflon tape ptfe resin
PTFE PTFE tape jumbo roll