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News--PTFE ptfe tape China name

PTFE ptfe tape China name

PTFE tape, also known as PTFE sealing tape. In Chinese, called as (生料带-fresh material tape), because of the process technology: when in mixture, calendering, stretching and heating process, the raw material-PTFE resin does not exceed 370℃, and unsintered.

In the compression force, residual deformation of PTFE resin produced by method of paste extrusion, first made as the shape of bar or strip. Then feed it on the Calender machine, under the pressure of roller, the shape will be rolled to a certain thickness and width film tape, and finally remove the extrusion aid to obtain thread seal PTFE tape.

PTFE tape (PTFE thread seal tape) is a good sealing material that has features of corrosion-resistant and high temperature resistence. It can be widely used for water pipes, corrosive fluid transfer pipe, steam pipe joint sealing.