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Film shrinking machine

Film shrinking machine

automatic film packing machine

Detail of Film shrinking machine

Shrink Packaging is an advanced packaging method in the world, it uses shrink film wrapping on the products or outside of package cases, then heats to shrink the material for wrapping up products and package cases tightly, which can fully display the appearance of the item, to improve the exhibition of goods, so as to increase the sense of beauty and value.

Meanwhile, the packaged goods can be sealed, moisture-proof, anti-pollution and protect the goods free from external shocks, has certain buffer, especially when a vessel packaging, can prevent the fragment flying when goods broken. In addition, it can reduce the possibility of being demolished, and stolen. When film shrinks, it has certain tension, then can put a group of items to be bound tightly, this function same as rope tied, this value will be appeared especially for multiple items collection and pallet package.

Therefore, this machine can be widely used in various packaging of goods. Electronic infinitely variable speed, bi-directional solid state voltage regulator and thermostat temperature control, stable and reliable. Suitable for PVC, POF, PP and other heat-shrinkable film.