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Full automatic carton machine

Full automatic carton machine

automatic film packing machine

Detail of Full automatic carton machine

It is suitable for packing pharmaceutical aluminum plastic and other related similar content compact with automatic fish folding, forming, opening and loading, batch number printing as well as sealing tec proceses.

This full automatic carton machine adopts PLC control, photoelectricity supervision to coordinate with every movement. Once somthing unexpected happens when its operating, it can stop and display the reasons automatically, it is convenient to solve the trobles in time. This machine can be used separately, and also can be used with other blister packing machines together.

Main parameters of full automatic carton machine

Voltage and power AC 380V, 50Hz, 1.5kw
Dimensions 800mm×1400mm×1650mm
Capacity 50-100 Cartons/min (Main machine running speed 100 Cartons/min)
Packing material Carton quality: 250-300g/m2   Max. size: 150mm×90mm×50mm
Carton quality: 50-65g/m2   Max. size: 170mm×240mm
Air consumption 20m3/hour
Weight 1200kg