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Single pad logo printing machine

Single pad logo printing machine

automatic film packing machine

Detail of Single pad logo printing machine

1, This automatic film packing machine adopts touch screen, and the main control circuit using smart chip for precise  measurement ,which has the features of automatic electrical falt detection, simple operation, and easy to adjust;

2, Applied with high quality dual frequency conversion simple mechanical structure, easy maintenance, less wearing and long life span;

3, High level precision of photoelectric detection tracing, two-way automatic compensation, it is accurate and reliable;

4, Bag length automatic detection and setting when the equipment running, no need manual setting;

5, Packaging speed and bag length adopt dual inverter control and infinitely variable speed, which can widely and arbitrarily regulate the range, then can be a perfect match with the front-end production under the line;

6, Adjustable side sealing structure, make the seals more perfect and the exclusde the phenomenon of cutting bag;

7, The conveyor table is stainless steel, and Main machine painted with spray plastict paint.

Main parameters of automatic film packing machine

Package type Three side seal type H
Packaging film thickness 0.03-0.06mm
Max. film width 250mm
Bag length 60-300mm
Package width 30-100mm
Package height ≤35mm
Max. packaging capactiy 200 bag/min
Voltage and Total power AC 220 1.5kw
Dimensions 4000mm×920mm×1600mm
Total weight 550kg