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Thread seal tape machine

Thread seal tape machine

automatic film packing machine

Detail of Thread seal tape machine

We are the very first one to manufacturer PTFE thread seal tape production line in China.

Due to the extensive industry experience in this field,not only we could provide you the whole production line,but also teach you the formula hand by hand until you could produce the final products.
After years of development and exploration, our equipment is the most efficient equipment.

The production line are consisted Blender,Calender,Slitter,Pressing machine,Oven,Wrapping machine etc..

Specification of PTFE Thread seal tape production line:

No. Machine name Specification
1 Blender Mixing bottle: φ185×260mm;
Quantity: 100pcs; 
Bottle Volume: 1.5Kg;
Mixing time: 15min; 
Controller: time controller; 
Weight: 400Kg.
2 Oven Total Heater power: 9kw;
Max. temperature: 250~300℃;
Heater model: Air.
3 Pressing machine Die mouth diameter: 30°φ16mm 1pc;
Diameter of Loading Material cylinder: φ110 mm;
Diameter of cylinder: φ110mm;
Length of cylinder: 500mm;
Max. stroke of plunger: 500mm;
Cylinder heater power: 3.5kw
4 Calender Roller length:550 mm;
Line speed: 10~20m/min;
Driver power: 5.5kw(Inverter motor);
Speed Reducer model:cycloidal planetary gear speed reducer;
Electric and hand turn-screw for rollers distance adjust;
Direction-adjusting copper board: Inside hole φ20.5mm 1pc;
Weight :3200 Kg.
5 Slitter machine Heating method:Electrothermal board heating(2kw×18 pcs);
Max.cutting width :420mm;
Slitting speed:20~30m/min;
Max.diameter of release roller:φ300 mm(Slit 9 pcs×2 in the same time);
6 Wrapping machine Main motor: Micro motor;
Power: 60w;
Speed: 670rpm
Voltage: 220V;
Un-coiler ID: φ37~φ40mm;
Coiler ID: φ30mm;
Capacity:500-800rolls/hour (according to the efficiency of worker)