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Support & FAQ


This section we suppose to provide the anwsers for the questions problem our customers faced.

Maybe you will find the anwsers from here which are most beginner will ask for.

Question One

How to calculate the theory weight of PTFE tape?

There is a formula cau use: W=length×width×thickness×density. For example, the specification of tape is Length 12m, Thickness 0.075mm, Width 12mm, and density is 0.3g/cm3, which is very normal tape.

So the Weight=1.2cm×0.0075cm×1200cm×0.3g/cm3=3.24g.

You could apply this for other type of tapes as long as you have the data of weight, length, thickness, density of PTFE ptfe tape.

And if you want to calculate the density of thread seal tape which you get from the market, this formaula also can be used.                                 

Question Two

How much electric required to run this whole production line?

The electrical power of each unit as follows:

Blender: 3kw, Oven: 9kw, Pressing machine: 3kw, Calender: 6.5kw, Slitter machine: 36kw, Wrapping machine: 0.75kw/pc.

Question Three

How many manpower required for per shift?

Normally, if not including the Wrapping machine, the whole production line only needs 2-3 worker to run.

As per Wrapping machine, one manpower operate one machine, and how many Wrapping machine required, depends your wanted capacity and the efficiency of workers.